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The Kingdom Of Ansteorra
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Today is June 28th
Anno Societatis LII
(Being 2017 C.E.)

Kingdom Webminister

Webminister heraldry Kingdom Webminister
Duchess Gwen verch Cynwrig de Insula Mona
Officers Webministers throughout the Kingdom
Clip art, files,
and other helpful webminister stuff
Links to Kingdom art, site art, heraldic art, and to various other development specific pages.
Society Webminister Handbook Sept 2009
Qualification for the office You will find what is needed of a Webminister at any level in our Kingdom.
Server FAQ Frequently asked questions about the Kingdom server.
Photos and the Ansteorra server
All photos on the server must have a release per photographer filed with the Webminister that administers that site's URL. The only exceptions are the Webministers that serve under a Kingdom Officer. That officer will keep in their files the release from the photographer. Any disputes about a photo will be between the photographer and the individual in the photo in question. It will be up to the photographer to edit their photos to remove the individuals. However, use common courtesy in your decision as a Webminister with any photo situation.
Each account will be given 200 mb to use as for all their purposes, this includes photos. There are tutorials and tools that will show you how to use galleries and other CMS. Server Goodies
We suggest that you make a virtual scrap book of your photos and categorize them intuitively. Ex: Elizabethan Dance, Illuminations, Tudor costuming, Blacksmithing, Weapon Construction, etc. Use them for information as well as showing off what we do at events.

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Kingdom ArtWork
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