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How to "Board" Your Art Like a Pro
By Jen Funk Segrest, Professional Graphic Designer
Known in the SCA as THL Grizel [Email] [WWW]

Part I: Tools & Supplies

Tired of finding out your scroll got ruined in the rain? Or the recipient left it under a pile of books for five years? You don't have to frame it to insure it'll at least be protected, you can do it cheaply and make it look like it cost a million buck at an art gallery.

Present your scrolls like the work of art they are, and they will be treated as such.
(and you won't have to shell out alot of money per scroll to do it).

Tutorials: Part II: Wrap Method | Part III: Overlay Method

What you need:
You can use the supplied links for online purchasing or you can go to your local Hobby Lobby, or Micheals Crafts if you do not have a real art supply store nearby.
Craft stores may not have all the things shown here and some will especially hard to find at anything less than a professional art supply. Online might be your best bet. Try your yellow pages first.

Large pad/roll of Acetate
the bigger the better, multiple scrolls from each sheet (if a pad)

.003 or .005 thicknesses are best. (.002 is just too thin.) Higher the number the thicker it is.

The Cheaper stuff is fine. Buy in rolls or pads in large sizes like 20x23. Try to get rolls at 25" wide by however much long.

Use acetate instead of parchment for weather protection or to wrap a scroll on a baord for even better long term protection.

Drafting Tape or Artist's Tape

Which you should have anyway.... essential tool for every one using paper for artwork.

"Drafting Tape" looks ordinary masking tape, but has a far less adhesive glue, so it pulls off clean and comes off really easily, will not pull off paper.


My choice: "Artists Tape"

It's a smooth finish white papper tape, slightly stickier that the drafting tape, still FAR LESS sticky than ordinary masking tape. It's for use with paints to achieve a nice sharp edge because it grabs the paper grain better (use it for your everyday scribal work, double duty...) The adhesive still pulls off just as clean, but it also looks NICER stuck on things, people won't think it's ordinary masking tape which is what the drafting tape looks like, and they will wonder about you using masking tape on a scroll. This is all I ever used.

You can also spot mount it at the side and corners using drafting dots.

Bristol Illustration Board

For your purposes, the cheaper the better. Bristol is a fiber board, not poster board, and NOT foam core. Any thick cheap baord will work though too. Get what's cheap.

From the link above, The no. 20 University grade is perfectly fine for you uses, and is ultra cheap. The 30x40 inch one is $4. You can cut that up into several backers.

Also need: And of course Xacto knife and blades, scissors, T-square, and a self healing or other sacrificial cutting surface would be nice.
Part I: What You need: Supplies and tools
Part II: Wrap Method | Part III: Overlay Method

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